Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky

Full Name: Ali Fedotowsky

Hometown: Williamstown, MA

Relationship Status: Dating Kevin Manno


Ali Fedotowsky, born in 1984, is best-known for her participation in The Bachelor, where she vied for pilot Jake Pavelka's love.

The Facebook advertising account executive famously disapproved of fellow contestant Vienna Girardi, questioning why Pavelka could fall for both of them when they seemed so different.

The fan-favorite shocked viewers when she made it to the final four and was forced to choose between returning to her job or risking it all for Pavelka. She chose to go back to work -- a decision she admitted to regretting -- before later changing her mind and asking to rejoin the competition. Pavelka didn't let her come back, but Fedotowsky wasn't too upset: she was later named the next Bachelorette.

In August 2010, Fedotowsky accepted a proposal from Bachelorette winner Roberto Martinez; the two ended their engagement in November 2011.

Fedotowsky is currently dating MTV host, Kevin Manno.