Adriana Lima and Other Brazilian Models Pose for New Beverage Ad in Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Adriana Lima is ready for her close-up -- no touch-ups required! In a behind-the-scenes video for AMAZON Beverages, a new drink that launches this summer, the Victoria's Secret stunner and a bevy of Brazilian models prove why their looks earn them big bucks.

In the clip, leggy beauties, decked out in clingy, flowy dresses, do their best sexy faces as they gaze into the camera. A huge fan ensures that their gowns and hair are blown just so.

In a press release, Lima explained why she felt compelled to partner with the company. "As a native of Brazil, I was taught at an early age about the mind-body benefits provided by these nutritionally rich rainforest superfruits" -- including pfaffia, guarana, and acai, she said. "I'm honored to help AMAZON Beverages bring the legendary power of these extracts to the American public."

Check out the video for a sneak peek at the campaign!