Beauty Crush: Demi Lovato Pulls Off Two Hot Hairstyles in One Night

Credit: Rodrigo Varela/; John Shearer/

When Demi Lovato arrived at the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas last week all eyes were on the star's magenta Roland Mouret dress, which featured a neckline that plunged to her waist. 

But the racy design wasn't the only noteworthy part of Lovato's look that night. The 19-year-old star also rocked two stunning hairstyles -- one on the red carpet and another for her performance with Pablo Alboran.

For the first look stylist Ryan Randall created an old Hollywood glamour effect with shiny spirals. After blow-drying her hair smooth with the Super Solano 3500 Lite Dryer, Randall used the Solano Marcel Smooth Curl 450 Curling Iron ($190 and $79 at

To transition into a romantic updo, he combed through the curls with his fingers and divided her hair into three sections before wrapping them into a bun. He then worked got2b POWDER'ful volumizing powder ($6 at drugstores) into the roots framing her face for added texture.