Elizabeth Banks: Platza Treatments Are Really Painful!

Credit: Mark Sullivan/WireImage.com

Rest and relaxation? As if!

The type of spa treatments Elizabeth Banks goes for aren't quiet as and calm and laid-back as some spa-goers might prefer.

"The most ridiculous [spa] experience I've had was in Budapest. It's known for its bathhouses, and I'd never been to one of those. I had some giant Hungarian smack me with palm fronds," the actress told Time Out New York about her first platza treatment. "It was so painful [Laughs], but I was too embarrassed to say, "Please stop!"

Like Banks describes, platza treatments are when a massage specialist continuously smacks a broom made of oak leaves soaked in warm water over your entire body. The procedure is said to be a natural way of removing toxins and skin-dulling residue from your body.

For a less rough-and-tumble service, Banks prefers to get wrapped up like a caterpillar.

"I recently had an amazing mud wrap [in Park City, Utah]. The aesthetician asked if I was claustrophobic, which made me wonder if I really knew what a wrap entailed," the Man on a Ledge actress continued to the weekly regional mag. "She said she was going to wrap me with foil and cover my eyes, which makes some people feel like they're in a coffin. [Laughs] I told her I thought I'd be okay, and I was."