Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Is Cutting His Long Hair — And Getting a Man Bun

Jon Snow Credit: HBO

WARNING: Do not proceed if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones’ most recent episode (season 6, episode 2)! 

Talk about a spoiler. Game of Thrones fans have long obsessed over the long and curly hair of Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington. Sadly, in one of the final scenes from the May 1 episode, “Home,” Melisandre (played by Carice van Houten) snips a few strands from Snow’s head while bringing him back to life. And the chop doesn’t stop there: Harington confirmed that his lob will be a thing of the past by the May 8 episode, “Oathbreaker.”

“We cut it much shorter for this season, and do a different hairstyle this season and put it up in a bun,” Harington told Entertainment Weekly.

The status of Snow’s tresses has been speculated on for months, since Harington snipped his curly hair IRL last June. Fans worried that the 29-year-old star wouldn’t be returning to the series, particularly after his character appeared to perish in season 5 after he was stabbed by his brothers of the night’s watch. But it was all a part of keeping the season 6 plotline under wraps. 

"I wanted to sell [the story that he was leaving the series] a bit more," Harington continued. "I know in the past I'd said I'd cut it off when I can. I wanted to appear with shorter hair straight away so it would sell the lie." 

In fact, Harington believes that it wasn’t short enough before. “We’ve chopped most of it off, and people were like, ‘Oh look, he’s still got long hair.’ So that didn’t work as well.”

In loving memory of Snow’s locks, see some photos of his best hair moments below. And tune into HBO’s Game of Thrones every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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