Foolproof Ways to Wear Glitter Makeup on New Year's Eve (and Always)

Drew Barrymore in Ever After Credit: Courtesy 20th Century Fox

Glitter fanatics, rejoice! You can wear shimmering makeup without looking like Jem or a Hologram, according to Neutrogena makeup artist Amy Oresman. The most important rule? Less is more.

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"You have to be tasteful about glitter," Oresman insists. "It works best when you use it as an accent, and not as one of your main ingredients. It's less about the saturation of an opaque color and more about catching the light. That way people see it when you turn your face."

And where should you put it for such a magical effect? "I like glitter on the eyes," Oresman — who works with Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere and Emmy Rossum, to name a few — tells Us. "Look at your eye in three sections: the inner corner, the outer corner and the lid. You can add glitter to one of these three sections, but not all of them!"

Oresman's favorite of the three is actually in the least predictable spot. "After you do your eye makeup using a little liquid liner or a black pencil, take a small brush with a little silver and gold glitter on it and dab it on the lid in line with your pupil — just a touch," she says. "When you turn, it will reflect the light, creating a beautiful little moment. It's like a diamond: That one angle catches the light."

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Oresman says that if you keep it subtle, people won't even realize you're wearing glitter. "They'll just see this reflective light that coordinates with your outfit and is really beautiful," she says.

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