How to Fake Flawless Legs Like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood: Expert Tips

Credit: Adam Pretty/Getty Images; Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic; Larry Busacca/

'Tis the season of minis, short shorts, and rompers!

While celebs like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Carrie Underwood have perfected their flawless legs, you can fake it with a few simple steps in your beauty routine.

Smooth Over Skin

For longer-lasting results than shaving, consider getting your legs waxed. For best results, drink up—water, that is. "When your skin is hydrated, the hair is easily removed from the follicle and does not break at the skin level," Noemi Grupenmager, CEO and Founder of Uni K Wax Centers, tells Us Weekly.

Extend the life of a wax between visits by moisturizing. "When showering, make sure the temperature is tepid instead of scalding hot to prevent your skin from drying out, and apply a moisturizer as soon as you step out of the shower," Grupenmager says.

Hide Cellulite

Disguise dimply skin with diligent use of a firming cream like Shrinking Beauty body lotion, which features a botanical extract and caffeine to help tighten skin. "I like to use a body scrub once daily before application to allow for better penetration," board-certified dermatologist and founder of Dermadoctor Audrey Kunin, MD, tells Us

Bronze Over Imperfections

If you can't tone it, self-tan it! Apply sunless tanner or a body bronzer over trouble spots before hitting the beach or pool. "Also, consider adding a glycol moisturizer to hydrate and temporarily plump up dimples," Dr. Kunin says.