How to Lock in Younger-Looking Lips

Celebrity Beauty Nov. 8, 2011 AT 5:24PM
How to Lock in Younger-Looking Lips Credit: Jordan Strauss/

Lip service!

Your anti-aging regimen includes eye creams and spot treatments, but one area that gets often overlooked is your lips.

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As your body ages, it naturally produces less collagen, so your pout seems thinner over time. Take a cue from Sofia Vergara, 39, and give your lips the attention they deserve by gliding on a balm that's packed with ingredients that shave off the years.

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"Hydrated lips appear fuller and younger," says NYC-based dermatologist Barney Kenet. Opt for a lip product that contains collagen-boosting peptides plus an ingredient like petroleum or hyaluronic acid, which create moisturizing barriers that lock in water.

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