Phoebe Tonkin: What's In My Bag?

Phoebe Tonkin of the CW's The Originals spills out her purse for Us Weekly. Credit: Michael Pirrocco

Say cheese! Along with her iPhone, Phoebe Tonkin, the star of the CW's The Originals (Tuesdays, 8 P.M.) keeps a disposable camera on hand. "I love the smell of pictures," the Aussie—who dates The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley—tells Us Weekly. One snap she keeps tucked away: "I look like a deer in headlights in my passport photo," she says. What else does the 24-year-old stash in her Rebecca Minkoff tote? 

Taste of Home

"I can't go without Vegemite, a salty spread from Australia. I put it on toast and it brings me back to being a kid. I make sure to put it in my bag because I'm always on the road." 

Scared Silly

"I rely on my iPad for on-the-go entertainment. I stock it with TV shows, like Parks and Recreation and the British version of The Office. I'm reading a Charles Manson biography on it too, since I'm weirdly into true crime." 

Essential Oils

"Natural beauty products are a must! I use coconut oil-based RMS makeup, and I slather almond oil on my hands to soak while I watch a movie." 

In Plane Sight 

"I always fly with socks. I'll take off my shoes and slip on a Victoria's Secret pair to get comfy, then I wrap my Desigual pashmina around my face and fall asleep." 

Scent of a Woman

"Chanel No. 5 is my perfume when I'm feeling like a lady. It's old-school and warm—and it reminds me of my mom."