Here's the Surprising Way Ruby Rose Maintains Her Flawless Brows

Ruby Rose almost destroyed her eyebrows, but now she has brow maintenance down pat — find out the Orange Is the New Black actress' secret! Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for The ONE Campaign

When it comes to eyebrows, Ruby Rose may be the luckiest girl in town. Not only does she boast an especially full pair, but they exist despite the fact that she tried to destroy them!

"I grew up when Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera had, like, one hair that they gelled, so I copied," Rose, 30, a true child of the aughts, told The Coveteur. "My mom tried her best to hide the tweezers — she's like, trust me, you don't want this. Be more like Brooke Shields! And I'm like, what? No, it's about Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, Mom!"

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But those ladies weren't her only sources of inspiration. She also took style cues from the '90s British boy band East 17. "I went through an East 17 stage where I shaved three lines in my brows [like the band's members], and to get real precision I tweezed those lines," the Orange Is the New Black actress revealed.

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Of course, there's happy ending, because despite all the plucking and shaving, Rose's brows grew back to the perfect state they're in now. Her secret? A complete 180 approach to brow maintenance. "I don’t do much with them. I’ll either tint them or I’ll use the [Urban Decay] Brow Beater pencil, and I’ll just fill them in a little bit. Aside from that, I leave them alone," the Urban Decay celeb ambassador said. "Now my trick is doing as little as possible."

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