See 100 Years of Nail Inspiration in Two Minutes

Our nails have come a long way. In its latest video, Mode takes a look back at 100 years of manicures — starting at a time when the phrase "nail art" didn't even exist.

The clip begins in 1921, when nails were filed short. Hands were left naked until the 1940s, when laquer became mainstream after Revlon became the first nail polish brand in 1932. 

Beyond just adding color, the video details exactly how the western world's mani preferences went from naked and filed short to the squared stiletto claw, $2,000 crystal manis we know and love today.

A few of our favorite throwback styles? The hot pink and black acrylics with rhinestone decals from the '80s and that oh-so-popular French manicure from the early aughts.

Which decade's nail art will inspire your next trip to the salon?

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