Taylor Swift's Hair: Does It Look Better Long or Short?

Short hair don't… you know how it goes!

Taylor Swift showed off her new bob haircut on Instagram on Tues., Feb 11 -- and a video of the crowd who gathered to watch the chop. "We don't do anything without an audience, do we?" Swift joked in the video as it panned around the room.

The country-pop superstar, 24, posted a picture of a Polaroid picture showing off her new bob while posing with "Lights" singer Ellie Goulding. "London, I could never thank you enough. See you next time! PS: short hair, don't care. (!!!)" The two shared the stage at Swift's last show in London and performed Goulding's hit "Burn" for the sold-out crowd.

The short hairstyle is a dramatic change for the "All Too Well" singer, who likes to flip her long hair while performing or even just bopping along in the audience (See: 2014 Grammy Awards on Jan. 26). In fact, the last time Swift caused a hair frenzy was in 2010 when she straightened her then-famous curly locks in to a sleek style with heavy bangs.

Do you prefer Taylor Swift's hair long or short?


Do you prefer Taylor Swift's hair long or short?

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