Wear Your Hair Curly Day: Celebrating Madonna, Rihanna and Other Celebs

Madonna, Rihanna Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage, Kevin Mazur/WireImage

While much of Hollywood endures hours of flat ironing and blow-drying for super-sleek hair, certain stars would rather embrace their natural, curly texture instead of going against the grain.

Despite switching up her hair color as much as she changes her wardrobe, Rihanna tends to stick with wiry curls, whether they're dyed bright red or bleach blonde.

Madonna, who has also gone through several hair colors over the years, has shown women that being a total rockstar means not hesitating to work an untamed mane of curls.

To celebrate those with spirals, Garnier Fructis Style has dubbed Tuesday, May 22 as "Wear Your Hair Curly Day," where women can pledge to work their natural wavy hair texture -- plus save $1 on the Garnier product of their choice.

The brand's celebrity stylist and resident curl expert, Marc Mena, is also on hand during the day to answer hair care and styling questions on Facebook. The hair pro conjures up solutions to everything from keeping frizz at bay to the best formula for dry and curly hair.

Tell Us: Do you prefer to wear your hair curly, or do you straighten it?