Ben Affleck Tells Congress "Congo Is on the Brink"

Credit: Paul Morigi/WireImage

Actor, writer, activist.

On Tuesday Ben Affleck, 38, spoke to Congress' Africa Human Rights Subcommittee about his concerns and hopes for the troubled Congo region.

"Having just returned from the Congo last month I can assure you that Congo is on the brink,” said the actor. "Since my first visit in 2006, I have witnessed efforts to improve governance, promote economic growth, and reduce conflict. Unfortunately, despite some positive movement, the record over the last five years is not promising."

The area has long been a concern for Affleck. In 2008, he helped create a short film illustrating the plight of Congolese refugees and last March he founded the Eastern Congo Initiative.

Joined by fellow experts, including John McCain's wife Cindy, The Town star went on to speak about the "fragile democratic progress" in the region, and the international consequences of failure.

"The country risks heading into another, deeper spiral of violence, which could lead to more fighting and suffering, and could risk destabilizing surrounding Central Africa like Rwanda—a country that is on its own precarious road to stability," he said.