Charlie Sheen: "I'm Still Alive, Which Is Pretty Cool"

Celebrity Body Mar. 1, 2011 AT 9:14AM
Charlie Sheen: "I'm Still Alive, Which Is Pretty Cool" Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Maybe Charlie Sheen can host next year's Oscars?

The actor's media blitz -- and his war against CBS, Two a Half Men honcho Chuck Lorre, and other critics -- continued Monday and Tuesday in a series of off-the-cuff, instantly quotable interviews on TV and radio.

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"I'm entertaining as hell" but not "crazy," Sheen, 45, insisted on the Today Show Tuesday morning. "[People] expect [me] to be normal, conventional, boring. No, man. We're shaking the trees. We're shaking all the trees!"

Continued the hard-partying actor, who is now living with two "goddesses" (a porn star and a model) who frequently babysit his twin sons Bob and Max, nearly 2: "I am grandiose. I live a grandiose life."

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During his Today Show chat (his second in two days), he urged fans not to worry about his health. "Don't be worried. Celebrate this moment!"

The night before, Sheen popped up for a live interview on Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN. He blasted his costars on Two and a Half Men for remaining silent during his war with the show.

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"I don't feel like there's any real support there. No one has issued a statement. I made a phone call. I get a couple angry texts, whatever. Ignore that. I am out here trying to do this for all of us guys," the star said. "I'm not trying to embarrass you or ruin your jobs or ruin the show. It would be nice if there was some measure of support though -- from anybody. Anybody. That's alright. Every great movement begins with one man and I guess that's me."

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"I'm still alive, which is pretty cool," added the star, who said that he remains off of drugs and alcohol.

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