Courteney Cox's Husband Slams NY Times Writer for Mocking Her Weight

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Remember that New York Times blogger who -- observing Golden Globes 2010 red carpet -- suggested that Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Courteney Cox had "put on a little weight"?

Cox's husband David Arquette does -- and he's ticked off about it.

"I don't think that has anything to do with anything," the actor and co-founder of fashion line Propr told recently of the provocative essay.

The Tuesday after the Jan. 17 Golden Globes, Andy Port, a female writer for the New York Times blog asked what Cox, Aniston and Hudson had in common.

Her own answer: "I could have sworn that some of the ladies who showed up at the Golden Globes on Sunday had put on a little weight."

"Who really cares?" Arquette snapped of Port's piece. "I love round people, I love skinny people. I love people in general; we’ve got to get past labels and stop being so critical about everything."

In the essay, called "Now Scrutinizing: A Rounder Golden Globes," Port surprisingly adds, "It's almost criminal to name names, because the very actresses whose body-mass indexes have been the subject of endless tabloid speculation are the very ones now sporting sexier curves."

Cougar Town star Cox, 45, married her Scream co-star Arquette, 38, in 1999. They have a 5-year old daughter, Coco.