Get a Bikini-Ready Bod Like Maria Menounos in Just 4 Weeks!

Maria Menounos enjoying a day on the beach with friends in Miami, FL. Credit: Flynet

Even before she was sashaying her way across the stage with partner Derek Hough on this season's Dancing with the Stars, Maria Menounos was fit as a fiddle and ready to wear those barely-there dance costumes in front of millions.

To keep her motivated through her personal training workouts with her pro Andrea Orbeck, the 33-year-old star tells Us Weekly, "I listen to high-energy music, like Pitbull. It gets me fired up."

Below, Orbeck takes Us through the moves below to shape up your bod, whether you're beach bound or hitting up a popular televised dance competition!

Week 1: Load Up on Cardio
Orbeck recommends three sessions a week to condition the body for more intense exercises later. Do 20 minutes of intervals -- two-minute sprints, with a one-minute recovery -- to burn the most fat!

Week 2: Start Plyometrics
Try these powerful jumping exercises five times a week to "tone, increase heart rate and burn calories," she says, "Do five moves, one-minute each." Faves? Jumps from a squat position and reverse lunges.

Week 3: Combine Workouts
Amp it up with five circuit-training sessions a week! Orbeck has Menounos do five one-minute treadmill incline runs ("It's killer!"), then reverse squats into jumps, lunges and biceps curls before repeating the sequence -- twice.

Week 4: Sweat Out Water Weight
Orbeck alternates two long card sessions ("To sweat out that last bit!") with three sprint workouts made up of eight 20-second incline runs. Then, she says, "we do more free-weight work to really tone."