Lingerie-Clad Miley Cyrus Shows Off Legs in Self-Portrait

Miley Cyrus Credit: Mike Moore/Getty Images for CFN;

Legs for days!

Miley Cyrus showed off her long and lean stems -- sculpted by her daily Pilates sessions -- on Twitter Monday.

"As you can see I have a very busy Monday ;)" the 19-year-old posted along with a pic of her bottom half dressed in blue lingerie with black lace trim.

As she kicked back in her sexy pajamas, Cyrus had a roaring fire blazing; no word if her hunky boyfriend, The Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth, was close by.

The singer has been proudly showing off the results of her frequent workout sessions -- and controversial gluten-free diet -- by flaunting her abs in midriff-baring tops and her legs in short rompers.

On April 11, her revealing outfit took a PG-13 turn when she went braless in a loose-fitting Iron Maiden shirt, flashing the side of her breast to onlookers while browsing through choices at a clothes boutique.