Mya: I've Lost 11 Pounds While Training for DWTS

Mya has slimmed down since strapping on dancing shoes for DWTS. The Grammy-winning R&B singer, 29, tells she's dropped 11 pounds in about two months.

"I was 138 before I started dancing, then with pre-training with cardio, I came down to 132," says the 5-foot-7 star, who will dance with Dmitry Chaplin when the show premieres Sept. 21 on ABC. By Aug. 28 -- after a week of rehearsal -- she dropped another five pounds, she says. "I just noticed a difference!" she tells Us.

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Prepping for DWTS is "like boot camp almost," she says. "You have to get your rest, eat properly, rest,'s challenging." Mya became a vegetarian two months ago "to get lighter," she says, but she doesn't deprive herself now that she's dancing up to five hours a day. "My weight may change after I stuff my face!" she jokes. "My weakness is the pasta and the rice!"

Besides focusing on her diet, she's also trying to avoid injury. Last year, Jewel and Nancy O'Dell had to pull out of the show after being seriously injured, and now producers are only letting couples practice five hours per day.

"It's my first fear and concern because I had a foot fracture earlier this year. This is my first introduction into being able to be physical," she says. "I try to rehearse in flats, and then put on heels to see how it feels." So far, her foot seems fine, but she's struggling with "blisters and bruises" she admits. "I think my whole body has been in pain! I can't really tell if it's just my foot because I'm breaking it in. Honestly, it's just soreness," Mya tells Us.