Rapper Jay-Z: My Wife Beyonce Is "Magnificent"

Celebrity Body Jun. 11, 2010 AT 5:00PM
Rapper Jay-Z: My Wife Beyonce Is "Magnificent" Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic Rapper Jay-Z: My Wife Beyonce Is "Magnificent"

What Beyonce wants, Beyonce gets!

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the R&B diva's typically tight-lipped husband, Jay-Z, recalls when he brought home a black-and-white photograph of a pistol with a pair of women's legs emerging from the handle -- and the Missus made him send it back!

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"It was more of a masculine style, I guess," the rapper, 40, admits.

But like any good wife, Beyonce, 28, compromised with her hubby. She later had the artwork replaced with a similar piece, only this time with a perfume bottle instead of a gun.

As expected, the rapper avoids discussing his marriage in detail -- though he does admit he is a fan of "Telephone," her music video with Lady Gaga -- and instead praises her musical prowess.

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"Sometimes on creative stuff, one of us will ask 'Do you think this is cool?' She's a magnificent A&R, if she ever decides to do that," Jay-Z says. "So I defer to her on those sort of questions. But overall, we pretty much like the same things."

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But with such busy schedules, when will the hip hop mogul and his wife of two years finally settle down and start a family?

"Maybe in two or three years," a pal tells UsMagazine.com.

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