Tila Tequila Rushed to Hospital After "Denting" Head

Credit: Michael Kovac/FilmMagic

Oh, the drama!

Tila Tequila
, 28, was rushed to the hospital Friday night -- and of course provided a play-by-play on Twitter.

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The reality star, who claims to be pregnant, wrote on Twitter, "I slammed my head into the wall and heard the back of my skull crack. There's a dent in it now!"

She then compared herself to Natasha Richardson, who died last March from a brain hemorrhage after falling while skiing.

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"I should call the ambulance just in case? like that one actress that died cuz she hit her head & thought she was ok but died later..pray 4 me," she wrote.

A few minutes later: "Ambulance on the way to my house. I could have a brain concussion and die in a few hours."

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But it ended up not being too serious.

Wrote her agent later Friday, "Tila suffered a concussion and wouldn't [sic] be able to tweet any further updates. Tila was released from the hospital and returned home last night."