Woman Who Lost 155 Pounds Is Now Unrecognizable: See the Before-And-After Photos

Woman Who Lost 155 Pounds Is Now Unrecognizable: See the Before-And-After Photos

When Tina White weighed 330 pounds, she shut herself off from the world. “I had zero confidence,” the 31-year-old from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, tells Us Weekly. “I remember having an interview for a job that I really wanted, but the morning of the interview all I could think was that they would never want to hire someone as big as me.” (Watch our video above to hear White tell her story.)

Then a size 28, the brunette would starve herself in public and binge at home with an emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend. “I’d eat up upwards of 5,000 calories in one sitting,” White tells Us. “We would order enough pizza and wings to feed six people and eat it all. I lived off of takeout and junk food.”

White’s wake-up came in the form of massive chest pains. “I was 28 years old, and I knew that if I didn’t make a change, I was going to die.”

In three years, White has shed an incredible 155 pounds off her 5-foot-7 frame. Her first steps were joining Weight Watchers — and enlisting the help of online trainer Jonny Straws. “I’d hide in the ladies-only area because I was too embarrassed to work out in front of men,” admits White, who now works as a health and fitness coach. “I didn’t want people to see how hard it was for me to do things. I didn’t want them to see me struggle. One day I stopped caring, though.”

Silencing those negative voices in her head paid off in a big way. “I’ve gone from having a body-fat percentage of more than 55 percent to less than 24 percent,” White says. “My current goal is to get under 20 percent, and I plan on being there by the end of the year!”

Now a size 8, White follows a low-carb diet and exercises five days a week for 60 to 90 minutes. “I no longer let people walk all over me,” says the self-proclaimed weight-lifting addict. “I know my self-worth now.” 

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