Kristin Cavallari and husband Jay Cutler are ready for their 22-month-old son Jaxon to be done with diapers. “We’re in the middle of potty training Jaxon right now,” she told Us Weekly on Monday, March 14, at a BELLA New York magazine event in NYC. “This morning … he’s naked and he goes, ‘my tummy hurts, my tummy hurts,’ So I put him on the potty, and he’s wanting me to hold him. I’m like hugging him on his little potty while he’s pooping. It’s really glamorous.”

The author of Balancing in Heels, 29, and the Chicago Bears quarterback, 32, are also parents of Camden, 3, and Saylor, 4 months. 

“When we were potty training Camden, Jay would take him to the bathroom and go in front of him,” the Hills alum revealed in a February 22 blog post for Momtastic. “It definitely got Camden interested in using the potty. But full disclaimer: Camden knew how to pee in a bush or on the grass before he knew how to pee in the toilet! That’s really what Jay taught him how to do. People would be over in the backyard and Camden would just pull his pants down and start peeing in the grass. The only thing I could do was laugh. Baby steps, right?"

Cavallari also confessed she isn’t above bribery. “In addition to giving Jaxon treats for going to the potty, we reward Camden when he helps his little brother,” she wrote. “So Camden is like, ‘Listen Jaxon, you’re going to the bathroom!’ Cam has my sweet tooth, so he’s very motivated to get Jaxon on his toilet.”