Alyssa Milano: People View Breast-feeding With an ‘Archaic Mentality’

Alyssa Milano has made headlines by sharing photos on Instagram of herself breast-feeding — and she’s proud of it. During an interview with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, January 6, the Charmed alum discussed the backlash she has faced for what some say is oversharing. 

“It’s so crazy to me how the mentality is so archaic, where people are just not comfortable with women breast-feeding,” expressed Milano, who is mom to son Milo, 4, and baby girl Izabella.

The actress also on Wednesday argued with talk-show host Wendy Williams, who said that she doesn’t “need to see” women breast-feeding their babies. Milano, 43, argued that “biologically, [breasts] are not made for sexual things.”

During her chat with HuffPost Live, the Atkins spokeswoman made the same argument. “Obviously,” she said, “it’s because we’ve sexualized breasts to the point that people can’t see past them being breasts.”

Tell Us: Do you agree or disagree with Alyssa? Watch the video above.

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