Dad’s Hokey Birthday Wish for His Daughter Wins the Internet

Everyone loves a good dad joke — and Joe Pellatt won over the Internet with his. On July 21, Joe posted a photo to Facebook showing his daughter Raylin seated next to a sea lion in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He captioned the vacation pic: “Happy 21st Birthday to my beautiful daughter (left) Raylin.”

Raylin, a rising senior at Michigan State University, tweeted the adorable screenshot, writing: “Thanks for the clarification, Dad,” and it quickly went viral with 187,755 retweets and more than 600,000 likes.

Joe’s corny sense of humor isn’t the only thing that makes him so lovable. “When my sister left for college my dad would send her the comics from the newspaper because he knew how much she liked them,” Raylin exclusively ells Us Weekly. “He also surprised us with two cats after we begged our parents to let us have a pet for years. And on important days like the first day of school or the first day at a new job he will always call us to make sure we don’t sleep in and show up late!”

As for the now famous sea lion, the Pellat family was deep sea fishing when the animal jumped into their boat. “Our captain said that this happens all the time and they were friendly,” Raylin told BuzzFeed, adding that after the picture, the animal flopped back into the ocean!

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