NEW PICTURE: Aww! Kristin Cavallari Dresses Son Camden in Football Onesie

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler's son Camden Credit:

Baby Cam is ready for some football!

Kristin Cavallari made sure her son Camden, 2 months, was dressed and ready to cheer on his dad Jay Cutler during Monday's Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions game.

"Cam is ready for daddy's game," Cavallari, 25, tweeted with an adorable photo of her baby boy wearing a football onesie while laying on his tummy.

The former Hills star's quarterback fiance, 29, helped lead the Bears to a 13-7 victory, despite bruising his ribs during a play. Cavallari retweeted a fan Monday, who wrote, "I hope Jay is OK . . . man he is one tough guy . . . not too many QB's could come back and play . . . great leadership."

The proud fiancee seems to have no problem staying at home watching the game with Cam. Last week, Cavallari told Us Weekly she's been loving motherhood.

"I'm still me -- I still enjoy the same things and like the same things. I'm just an older, more mature version of myself," she told Us at an NYC event Oct. 19. "Where my life is heading is in such a great place. I couldn't be happier. Having a baby is just so much fun!"