Mom Cards Celebrate Hilarious Milestones: ‘I Went to the Bathroom Alone Today’

Becky Feiner and Esti Zilber Credit: Courtesy Mum's Milestones/Facebook

Never mind your baby’s milestones. Esti Zilber and Becky Feiner are helping new parents to celebrate their own victories with picture cards that celebrate small wins such as taking a bathroom break by yourself, snagging a few hours of uninterrupted sleep and fitting back into your pre-pregnancy jeans.

The 34-year-old friends, who live around the corner from each other in Sydney, Australia, are no strangers to the struggles of motherhood: Both have two young kids under the age of 4.

“Esti and I have always talked about how we knew there was a big gap in the market to make sleep-deprived new mums laugh during what can be quite a [challenging] experience,” Feiner tells Us Weekly of how the cards ($29.95, came about. “There’s a lot of sweet gifts out there, but nothing that humorously prepares mums for moments that aren’t Instagram perfect.”

Adds Zilber: “All these blogs and Instagram accounts populated with perfectly filtered images of beautiful mothering moments didn’t seem to align with our own experiences, and we felt there was a funny, truthful way to address that imbalance.”

Enter Mums Milestones cards.

Feiner’s favorite is “I Didn’t Talk About My Baby’s Movements All Day” (“I think of myself as an intelligent, cultured woman, but man, did I get obsessed with poo!”), while Zilber loves “We Did It For the First Time.” She tells Us: “It’s a little crass and cheeky, but something that's really a huge milestone!”

A portion of the profits from the cards are donated to PANDA: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression in Australia. 

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