Parents Are Praising This Pennsylvania Deli’s Spot-On Kids’ Menu 

Credit: Blend Images-Inti St Clair/Getty Images

Parents of picky eaters know the drill: As soon as you sit down at a restaurant, your 5-year-old decides he hates all food. Brian Stroh, who manages Deli at Mansion Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania, understands the struggle. Which is why he created the most brilliant and brutally honest kids’ menu ever. 

Choices include:

I Don’t Know Ball Park America’s Favorite Hot Dog With French Fries

I Don’t Care 2 (2 oz.) Breaded Chicken Tenders With French Fries

I’m Not Hungry Grilled Cheese With French Fries

I Don’t Want That Fish Sticks With French Fries 

Stroh tells Us the idea was inspired by his daughter Brianna, who at age 12 is still fussy about what she’ll eat. “One day she loves something, the next day she doesn’t want it,” the single dad tells Us Weekly. “I understand what parents are dealing with!”

While the chicken fingers and french fries are the most popular items, Stroh, 42, says their pizzas are have been known to cause meltdowns. “We dress our pies up with a little bit of Romano cheese and top them off with a couple of shaves of parsley, just for some color,” he tells Us. “Children will lose their minds if there’s vegetables on their pizza!”

The hilarious menu, which was unveiled on September 22, has gone viral since being shared on Reddit and Imgur.

“My kids’ favorites aren’t on there: ‘I hate this’ and ‘I’d rather starve,’” wrote on commenter, while another raved: “Someone get this place an award!”

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