Parents Found the Grossest Things in Their Kids’ Lunch Boxes — and Shared Photos!

In Australia, the school year runs from January to December, which means moms and dads from Down Under have recently been cleaning out their their kids’ lunch boxes and making some unsavory discoveries.

“Our school bags are out. Found some VINTAGE LUNCH FROM 2016! Oops,” Australian TV personality Andrew “Cosi” Costello wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday, January 29. In the accompanying photo, Costello’s wife, Samantha, holds up a plastic bag containing ancient leftovers. 

Costello, a father of three, asked for other parents to share their own gross finds — and they were happy to oblige and provide photographic evidence. “After seeing your post, I went to my son’s school bag and just found this. A moldy croissant and a 6 week old apple,” wrote one disgusted mom, while another unearthed what she believed was “once a sandwich.”

And the responses kept coming.  “Hmmm I too am mother of the year, this is my find,” wrote one mom, alongside an image of a furry banana. Another captioned her discovery: “Formally known as watermelon. Straight to the bin.” 

Other horror stories:

“Mmmm buttered mini pancakes. 2016 vintage.”

“A very vintage banana.”

“Got the ex to drop off our daughter’s school stuff so I could sort it and found this in the lunch box.”

“She told me she emptied her bag 6 weeks ago! She lied.”

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