Mama drama at the Mowry house!

As Tia Mowry's son, Cree, approaches his first birthday, the tot is finding his way around the family's Los Angeles home better than his mom expected, and on Monday's premiere of Tia & Tamera, the 33-year-old is on a mission to baby proof her pad.

"You have get on all fours and pretend you're the baby," Tia tells her pregnant sister, Tamera, in a preview from the premiere. Getting down on the floor, the twins navigate through Tia's kitchen imagining what trouble little Cree could get himself into.

"Oh my gosh, look! A rattle," Tamera says, pulling a wine bottle from her sister's rack and swinging it to prove a point. "Vino? Out!" she says.

Watch what happens when the sisters make their way around Tia's home in the clip above before Tia & Tamera's new season airs Mondays at 8 p.m. (EST) on STYLE.