Soleil Moon Frye Shares Parenting Tips to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Celebrity Moms Jun. 20, 2014 AT 3:15PM
Soleil Moon Frye attends an event on June 7, 2014 Soleil Moon Frye, of '80s TV Punky Brewster fame, tells Us Weekly her top tips to get kids eat veggies and enjoy cooking. Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty

July 4th may be fast approaching, but that doesn't mean hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream should rule the family menu!

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To keep kids healthy -- and busy -- this summer, follow the advice of Soleil Moon Frye, mom to daughters Poet, 8, Jagger, 6, and son Lyric, 4 months, with husband Jason Goldberg. "We love to plant things we can cook with -- strawberries, basil, mint," Moon Frye, who launched her own line of party and activity boxes on, tells Us Weekly.

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To keep the kids engaged, the Punky Brewster actress, 37, suggests creating planter boxes for each child to monitor, and encouraging them to get crafty when labeling their crops. "You can do things like stamp rocks to identify their crops -- anything to make it fun and homemade."

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When the garden's grown, Moon Frye keeps her children involved by teaching them how to make easy dinner staples with a healthy twist. "I feel like they have a new appreciation for food. We also try to make it fun: We'll have Taco Tuesday, and they'll make their own tacos," she tells Us. "We try to do organic as much as possible and get food from local farms, but we are also not afraid to go to the ice cream truck after school and have a treat. It's all about balance."

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