Source: Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Week-Old Sandwiches

Celebrity Moms Nov. 16, 2010 AT 5:35PM
Source: Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Week-Old Sandwiches Credit: Chris Watts/

Waste not, want not!

Budget-minded Kate Gosselin has no tolerance for the finicky eating habits of her eight kids. A source close to the single reality TV mom, 35, tells that Kate gets incensed when her children don't finish their packed lunches at school.

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Instead of throwing away the uneaten grub, "she repacks it for them in the next's day lunch," the source explains, adding that it's school policy to send any untouched food home with students each day.

And those PB and Js can get a little gross, the source adds. "The kids are stubborn, so sometimes the little kids have the same half-eaten sandwich in their lunch all week."

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Sometimes the 9-year-old twins and 6-year-old sextuplets get teased for the musty sandwiches. "Some of the little ones cry, and some get angry and fight," the source adds.

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Kate's ex-husband Jon, 33, isn't a fan of Kate's frugal fits. A pal overheard the single dad quip to his kids: "If you lived with me, you wouldn’t have to eat rotten food for lunch every day."

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