These Identical Quadruplet Baby Girls Are Growing Up Fast! See Their Adorable New Pictures

Identical quadruplet baby girls. Credit: Courtesy Noelle Mirabella Photography

Abigail, McKayla, Grace and Emily Webb slept peacefully through their first photo shoot in June. This time around, the now 4-month-old identical quadruplet girls were, as their mom, Bethani Webb, put it, “a little cranky.” 

“They were all kind of teething at once and kind of fussy," Webb, 23, tells Us Weekly of the August 18 modeling session in Alberta, Canada. “They wanted to be on the floor and moving around or looking at each other!”

In each setup, the infants pose in matching outfits, such as lace and embroidered bonnets.

The latest round of adorable images of the sisters captured by Cassandra Jones have received nearly 2,000 likes on the Noelle Mirabella Photography Facebook page. The foursome first captured national attention when the first photos went viral earlier this summer.

The new mom and her husband, Tim Webb, welcomed their naturally conceived quadruplets on May 6. They were born via C-section when Bethani was 33 weeks pregnant. The Webbs — who have no history of multiples on either side of their family —  were told by a nurse during pregnancy that the odds of having natural quads are one in 67 million.

Since the girls are identical, the parents came up with a solution to help them identify their daughters: Each baby wears a different colored pair of earrings and has toenails painted a different color than her sisters'. “Abigail is bluish green, Emily is purple, Grace is red and McKayla is pink,” Webb tells Us.

And each has her own distinct personality. “Abby is the smallest, and she’s gonna be the daddy’s girl; Emily is the calmest and most talkative; and Grace is the drama queen,” says Bethani. “Mckayla, she’s probably the happiest.”

The family goes through 24 diapers and 24 bottles each day. And the mother of four admits bedtime can be overwhelming. “I put one down and then another one starts crying, and then I get her and another starts crying,” says Bethani. But she isn’t complaining.

Gushes Bethani: “The best thing about having four babies is knowing that when they grow up they’ll be each other’s best friend.”

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