These Stickers Tell You If Your Kid Has a Fever and CNN’s Lisa Ling Is Obsessed

Lisa Ling was traveling in Canada with her daughter Jett, when the 4-year-old started running a temperature. “I didn’t want to spend a hundred bucks on an ear thermometer because I have one at home,” CNN’s This Is Life host wrote in a Facebook post earlier this month.

That’s when Ling’s sister, Laura, gave her some fever stickers. “They are amazing! Put them on your kid’s head when they’re sleeping and the sticker will indicate whether she is feverish or not,” raved Ling. “You can’t see the little black dots in this pic, but they read 37 (about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) and N is for normal — phew! So glad I didn’t have to wake baby girl up from her slumber.”

In the accompanying photo, sweet Jett is seen sleeping peacefully with a ladybug sticker on her forehead.

Ling, who noted that she is “not one to hawk a lot of products on my social media,” added that Physio Logic’s Fever-Bugz Stick on Fever Indicators come in in array of designs including butterflies and worms. “These are going into my travel kit stat!” Ling wrote. “And NO, I’m not getting paid to post this!” 

Fever-Bugz retail for $7.65 for one sticker and allow parents to monitor a child’s temperature for up to 48 hours. They can be placed over the armpit, forehead or chest and according to the website, are accurate to +1 degree Fahrenheit. The product is designed for all ages above 12 months.

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