This Baby With a Full Head of Hair Gets a Blowout Every Day

Credit: PA Real Life

Meet Jesse Price-Carelli, the baby who took a trip to the barber shop at just 7 weeks old. “Everywhere we go, strangers stop us and ask if they can touch his hair,” Jesse’s, mom, Amy Price, told the Press Association on October 12.  “I went to [U.K. grocery chain] Sainsbury’s the other day and forgot half my shopping because I got so distracted talking to people.” 

When the tot from South Wales, U.K., was born in June, the hospital staff was in awe of his glossy mane. “The midwives told me they’d never seen anything like it,” Price, 32, told the Press Association. Just seven weeks later, little Jesse had his first haircut. 

“It started getting hot in the summer and his hair had grown all the way down the back of his neck like a little mullet,” Price explained. “I toyed with the idea of leaving it, but it was too hot for him. I felt terrible cutting my newborn baby’s hair. I didn’t think I’d have to do that for a couple of years.”

But Jesse’s mop is thicker than ever — and he enjoys daily blowouts after his morning bath. “He has his hair on show all the time,” Price told the Press Association. “He absolutely loves the attention he gets. He can be moaning, then cheer up when people come over.”

Earlier this month, photos of fellow Brit baby Junior Cox-Noon went viral because of his towering bouffant. Like Jesse, Junior gets mobbed when he goes out in public. “Usually it takes me about 40 minutes to do my weekly [grocery shopping] … and now it takes me two hours,” Junior’s mom, Chelsea Noon, told The Mirror. “Everyone stops and says: ‘Oh, my god, look at the baby’s hair, and then the next person will say, ‘He’s got so much hair.’”

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