This Wearable Breast Pump Is a Game Changer

The Willow, a hands-free, wearable breast pump. Credit: Courtesy of Willow

Nursing moms can soon pump milk while commuting to work on a crowded train, thanks to the Willow, a hands-free, tubeless device that fits in a woman’s bra. The makers claim Willow is so quiet you can take a conference call without pressing the mute button.  

Unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 4, the FDA-approved apparatus will be available this spring for around $430, according to CNN Money

Here’s how it works: Just tuck the pump into your bra, and the expressed milk goes into 4-ounce, leak-proof bags (a companion app tracks how much liquid gold is being collected). The three-piece system is dishwasher safe, and the batteries last up to two days. 

“Current breast pumps require women to step out of life. Willow lets women live their lives,” Willow CEO and president Naomi Kelman said in a statement. “We believe in bringing dignity and humanity to the breast pumping experience, because women shouldn’t have to undress or give up who they are — or how they move — to be a mom.”

The Willow is not yet covered by insurance, but the company’s founder, John Chang, told The Next Web they are working to change that. Still: Many moms seem happy to pay out of pocket.

“This is a game changer!” wrote one mom on Facebook, while another chimed in: “So worth the $430.” 

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