Twitter Is Losing It Over This Baby and Her Gigantic Costco Teddy Bear

When a new shipment of nearly 8-foot-tall teddy bears arrived at Costco, employee Daniel Gonzalez couldn’t resist snapping a photo and sending it to his family. On the text blast: his daughter, Sabrina Gonzalez, who jokingly replied that her 5-month-old baby girl, Madeline, needed one. 

Fifteen minutes later, the proud grandfather, 46, sent another photo of the 48.5 pound stuffed animal next to his pickup truck with the caption: “Lol I got one.”

Later that day Sabrina, 22, took to Twitter to share photos of little Maddie hilariously posed next to her 93-inch toy, which according to Buzzfeed is so big that a forklift is needed to move it around Costco. “Grandpa bought her a teddy bear,” the San Jose, California–based mom wrote on September 16. The pictures have since been retweeted nearly 42,000 times and have received 63,000 likes.

“I’m jealous … I want to be her right now!” wrote one person, while another commented: “Omg my hearttt. This is so adorable.”

Sabrina tells Us Weekly that Maddie lights up whenever she sees her $289.99 companion, which is being kept at Daniel’s house for now because of its massive size. “She gets all happy and and starts smiling and squirming around,” says Sabrina. “She reaches out her hand to touch it, and then of course she tries to bite it!” 

Meanwhile, Sabrina says her dad is no stranger to big gestures. “He’s spoiled her quite a bit,” she tells Us. “He had her name painted on the back of his boat!”

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