Vlogger Melissa Radke Tackles Mom Guilt in Hilarious Video

There’s a reason Melissa Radke boasts more than 100,000 Facebook followers: Her parenting videos are hilarious and relatable. And the vlogger’s most recent effort, which tackles mom guilt, does not disappoint. 

In the clip, published on January 26, the 42-year-old from Lufkin, Texas, sits in bed silently telling a story with signs written in magic marker on notebook paper as her kids Remi, 10, and Rocco, 8, sleep soundly beside her. “My family went 3 days with no toilet paper,” writes the public speaker and writer. “I’ve been out of laundry detergent for 2 weeks and I give zero craps. I’ve missed my daughter’s last two dentist appointments … but I’ve missed zero of my hair appointments.”

“My son’s lunch kit today consisted of two bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, a boiled egg and a pickle … and a Coke!” Radke confesses. “And I’m so hungover from mom guilt that I’m letting them fall asleep in here.” 

Radke’s video has been viewed more than 500,000 times. “More than anything else, I have received an overwhelming, ‘Yes! That is so me!’ from other moms,” Radke tells Us Weekly. “But I also got some cranky ones who think sending my kid to school with a Coke is a national crisis. The snacks in our house might not be gluten-free and we have no idea what paleo even means, but when it comes to raising good-hearted children? I’m killing it!”

Expect more confessionals from Radke. "The world is mean enough — let’s celebrate our inadequacies,” she tells Us. “When it comes to parenting none of us have it all together!"

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