40-Year-Old Virgin Actor Found Guilty in Girlfriend's Stabbing

Credit: Jamie Scott Lytle/ North County / Rex USA

Actor Shelley Malil -- the Indian-born star who played Steve Carell's electronics store coworker in The 40-Year-Old Virgin -- was convicted Thursday of attempted murder for stabbing his girlfriend more than 20 times.

He also was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon for his attack on ex Kendra Beebe at her San Marcos, Calif., home in 2008.

Sobbing, Beebe (whose body is now covered in scars), 38, told reporters: "I feel a sense of relief, but I have to be honest: There is never a win in a situation like this. I was afraid because he was an actor that the people might believe his bad theatrics. I am pleased to see the justice system did its job properly."

Malil, 45, is set to be sentenced Nov. 18. He faces 21 years to life in prison.