Alexander Skarsgard Jokes: I Lost My Virginity in 8 Seconds

It's hard be the star of a sexed-up series like True Blood and not be asked about your own sex life.

And yet, when Men's Journal quizzes Alexander Skarsgard about when he lost his virginity, the October cover boy deadpans: "That was 2008, I think. Best eight seconds of my life."

Though he's been named Sweden's Sexiest Man five times running, the 35-year-old doesn't take the title too seriously. "Every single day, I wake up and look in the mirror and think, 'Five times, mother--ker. Five times.'"

All kidding aside, the Straw Dogs star says he hopes to one day be recognized for his talents -- and not just his model good looks.

"You tend to get a lot of offers that are, like, the hot guy," Skarsgard tells Men's Journal. "And those parts aren't very fun. I hope there's something more to me than my pecs."