Bam Margera Raps at Fundraiser for Family of Ryan Dunn's Passenger

Bam Margera is best known for his daredevil stunts, but the Jackass star showed off his rapping skills for a good cause on Saturday in West Chester, Penn.

Margera, 31, hopped on stage and belted out Lil Wayne's "Runnin'" at a fundraiser for Zachary Hartwell's widow, Rachel Peazzoni Hartwell. (Zachary, 30, was killed June 20 along with Ryan Dunn last month; Dunn, 34, was driving 130 miles per hour and had a blood alcohol content of 0.196.) 

According to the West Chester Daily Local News, the event was organized by members of two bands performing at The Note: The Moxy and Backwoods Payback, who were friends with Dunn and Hartwell.

Moxy bassist Ahmed Smith told the paper: "Tonight's pretty much about taking a bunch of Ryan and Zach's friends and getting together and having a good time. We basically just took a house party and put it into a show."

Watch Bam's surprise performance in the video above.