Benedict Cumberbatch is the ultimate English gentleman, at least he is until he comes up against Jimmy Fallon and his new Tonight Show game, Three-Word Stories!

In what first appeared to be a relatively tame new segment on Monday, Nov. 18’s episode of the late-night TV show, Fallon and the Sherlock star were tasked with telling a story together, three words at a time. But in addition to keeping the flow going as they went back and forth between one another, the two contestants also had to try and get their opponent to say a specific word.

Fallon went first, enticing Cumberbatch into saying the word "unicorn" with impressive ease.

But when Cumberbatch (who made his first red-carpet appearance with his director fiancee Sophie Hunter at The Imitation Game New York premiere later that same evening) was faced with creating a narrative which would lead Fallon to say the word "booty," it was a different story entirely!

Watch the whole hilarious video to see swoon-worthy Cumberbatch get his knickers in a twist over Kim Kardashian's famous butt!