Bethenny Frankel: I'm Not Lying About $120 Million Sale of Skinnygirl Brand

Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

This Skinnygirl is laughing her way to the bank!

Bethenny Frankel has taken to Twitter to set the record straight about a slew of rumors surrounding her brand.

The health guru is refuting claims that she lied about the value of her Skinnygirl cocktail mix selling for a whopping $120 million in March. (Huffington Post reported that a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission quarterly report showed that the Fortune Brands, Inc. acquisition of the Skinnygirl brand was for $8.1 million. Forbes -- who ran a cover story on Frankel in May touting the stats -- told the site they "were taking [the claims] very seriously" and are investigating the sales figures.)

When one fan tweeted to Frankel that the Huffington Post "doesn't get accounting or know how to read financials," she replied: "Precisely. Irresponsible journalism."

"Skinnygirl Cocktails is the number one fastest growing spirits brand in the country because of YOU!" she tweeted Thursday. "On track to do over 1 million cases this year! Thank you."