Going under the needle! Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie received Botox and Juvederm fillers live on the Today show on Friday, Aug. 7 — and the co-hosts had quite different reactions to the procedure.

Daly, who said getting the cosmetic procedure was “something [he] wouldn’t normally do,” seemed anxious as Dr. Amy Wechsler prepped him for the needle.

“You are a real doctor, right?” the 42-year-old joked with the licensed dermatologist and psychiatrist. “You’re not like Dr. Dre?”

Wechsler reassured The Voice host that the injection into his laugh lines wouldn’t hurt too much because she had used numbing cream; she handed him a stress ball to squeeze just in case.

“It does not hurt — not as painful as a tattoo, that’s for sure,” Daly said as she began the 10-minute procedure, while Today host Matt Lauer documented everything up close and personal on his cell phone.

Guthrie, on the other hand, seemed ready to go when Wechsler made her way over to the other side of the room.

The co-host, 43, admitted that she’d gotten Botox done once before, seven years ago, but hadn’t liked the results.

“I mean honestly, I thought it was worth trying, but I may never do it again,” Guthrie said.

Both Daly and Guthrie were testing out the procedures as part of Today’s weeklong look at non-invasive plastic surgery procedures.

This isn’t the first time the Today show anchors have undergone some interesting experiments. Last month, Al Roker, Ellie Kemper, and Natalie Morales voluntarily underwent hypnosis on live TV.

Watch the procedures happen — live! — in the video above.

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