Conan O'Brien Hits Comic-Con Mad Max Style -- See His Awesome Doof Wagon!

Conan O'Brien has taken his hit show Conan to Comic-Con in a way nobody will ever forget!

The comedian decided against flying down to San Diego, opting to take a road trip with buddy Andy Richter instead. But their vehicle of choice is something to behold: an exact recreation of Mad Max: Fury Road's Doof Wagon!

Channeling his inner Coma-Doof Warrior, Conan takes the role of the blind, flame-throwing guitar player, blasting his way through the Californian landscape while bouncing from the front of the truck on a couple of bungee ropes!

O'Brien isn't the only one to join Immortan Joe's militia — sidekick Richter and Jimmy Vivino and his Basic Cable Band jumped on board for a trip down Fury Road too, adding to the mayhem by banging out a never-ending beat on huge steel drums.

Until they get lost! "The guitar's so loud I can't hear the GPS," Richter tells O'Brien in an incongruously helpless voice.

"I'm sorry, sometimes I get carried away," says O'Brien's scary guitar-playing character.

Watch the amazing video above and see what novel use O'Brien has for his flame-flowing guitar!

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