Courtney Love Loses Legal Guardianship of Daughter

Credit: Steve Granitz/

Smells like teen spirit?

Courtney Love is no longer the legal guardian of her 17 year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

On Friday Dec. 11, a court appointed Wendy O'Connor and Kimberly Dawn Cobain -- mother and sister to Frances' late father Kurt Cobain -- as the girl's legal guardians, TMZ reports.

This legal move typically occurs when the parent "is not capable of taking care of their children," the website notes.

The guardianship covers Frances Bean personally as well as her financial well-being. (The teenager inherited much of the estate of her father, frontman to Nirvana.)

Love and Kurt Cobain were married in February 1992. Cobain died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in April 1994 at the age of 27.

The famously erratic Love, 45 -- who quit her Twitter account but now posts constantly and oddly on Facebook -- has not made mention of the court's decision. Instead, late Monday morning, she talked about another famous celeb mom: Madonna.

"i dont understand why people think i dont like maddona [sic]," she wrote on Facebook. "she knows i like her."