David Arquette: I Love Us Weekly!

Celebrity News Oct. 11, 2011 AT 11:40AM
David Arquette: I Love Us Weekly! Credit: twitter.com

The feeling is mutual!

David Arquette took over Us Weekly's Twitter on Monday and gave a behind the scenes look at the ballroom competition. While the judges gave his and Kym Johnson's Indiana Jones number 23 out of 30 points, his 7-year-old daughter Coco gave her dad a winning score.

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"Amazing! Coco gave us a 10 and she's sitting next to Cher!" the 40-year-old gushed. He also tweeted an adorable photo of himself, Courteney Cox and Coco. "Thanks Us Weekly. I do love you and my family... Cher loved our dance!"

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So how did the Scream 4 star think he fared on the dance floor? "The dance went really well," he said. "Messed up a couple of moves, but rebounded nicely. Hope you enjoyed it!"

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But as much as Arquette wants to take home the Mirror Ball Trophy for himself, he's cheering on his competitors, too. "JR [Martinez is] dancing great. He's a hero and a really great person," he said, adding that, "Ricki [Lake] and Derek [Hough] killed it! First 10's of the season and well deserved."

But has DWTS given Arquette a new outlook on life? "No, it's given me a new way of staying happy/fit," he told a fan on Twitter. "Quitting drinking a doing self work has [given me a new outlook on life]."

What else does Arquette love? All of his DWTS cohorts! Over the weekend, he  took the entire cast and crew to Universal Horror Nights -- and then treated them to a barbecue at his house, sharing the pics at his account at Mobli.com.

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