David Letterman Makes Fun of Tiger Woods' Infidelity

Celebrity News Dec. 8, 2009 AT 8:59AM
David Letterman Makes Fun of Tiger Woods' Infidelity Credit: John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images; Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

David Letterman -- who made headlines earlier this year after cheating on his wife with his assistant -- poked fun at Tiger Woods' infidelity on his Late Show Monday, his first new show after a week of repeats.

Letterman, 62, joked that he wished the golfer, 33, would stop calling him to ask for advice.

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"Boy, it looks like that Tiger Woods is having some trouble, huh?" said Letterman as he puffed his cheeks out.

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Letterman joked that if Woods' situation had happened three months ago, he'd "have material for a year."

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"President Obama is sending troops to Afghanistan," Letterman said. "Hell, he ought to be sending them to Tiger Woods' house."

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His Top Ten centered around "ways Tiger Woods can improve his image. (Cracked Letterman, "Maybe I can learn a little something myself.")

The No. 1 way Tiger can improve his image? "Blame Letterman," the host said.

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