Demi Moore Skipped Globes Because of "a Bad Hair Day"


Why wasn't Demi Moore on husband Ashton Kutcher's side at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards?

She didn't like her hair!

"Feeling sick and having a bad hair day!" the actress, 47, Twittered.

She was wowed by how great Kutcher looked on stage as he presented best actor in a comedy series with his Valentine's Day costar, Jennifer Garner.

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"Hubby looking dapper for the Golden Globes," she wrote. Kutcher, 31, Twittered that he and Garner, 37, were supposed to have more on-stage banter, but the "show was running long so they nuetered [sic] our bit." (Winner Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock wasn't on hand to accept his award. Kutcher joked that he was "keeping" it. Said the actor: "If he wants he'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands.")

Moore felt better earlier in the weekend, as she joined Kutcher at a CAA post-Globes party Friday.

They were spotted dancing to an Elton John tune.