Deryck Whibley: "Everything Is Great" With Avril Lavigne

Deryck Whibley says he's still going strong with Avril Lavigne.

"Everything is better than it's ever been," Whibley told Us at the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premiere in L.A. Monday.

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Rumors persist that the couple of about two years are on the rocks, but Whibley insists their relationship "is great."

"I don't mind the rumors," the Sum 41 rocker told Us, adding that his family "[doesn't] care...whatsoever" about the false reports.

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In fact, Whibley says they're thinking kids "not anytime soon, but definitely in the future. I think I would be a great dad!"

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Does he think Avril would make a good mom? "Of course! That's why I married her!" he tells Us.